Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to your use of the L & W International Pty Ltd - Australia web site ("www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au") by L & W International (Australian Business Number) ABN 24 106 210 664, (herein after referred to as L & W International) and its customers. Your use of the web site indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change by L & W International. L & W International may change the content of its terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice to anyone.

By becoming a member of L & W International, the customer herein agrees to be bound to the terms and conditions listed on L & W International.


1. Placing Order / Pricing

Any Quotation made by L & W International is not an offer to sell, and no order given in pursuance of any Quotation shall bind the company unless accepted by it. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all orders are subject to acceptance by L & W International within seven (7) days of receipt by L & W International of the customer's offer.

All pricing is in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST. Please note that pricing and stock availability are subject to change without prior notice. L & W International reserves the right not to sell below its cost. All orders placed are subject to confirmation and acceptance by L & W International.

L & W International may vary prices in the event of price changes or mistakes made by suppliers on reasonable prior notice to you. If L & W International requests payment for increased prices, you may cancel the order by giving notice to L & W International, which must be received within seven days of the announcement of the increase.

To minimize errors and improve efficiency, orders should be placed using our on-line ordering system whenever possible.

L & W International reserves the rights to adjust freight cost at any time.

2. Delivery / Collection

We do not ship to PO Box address.

We do not ship to third party addresses unless that address is known and can be verified by L & W International.

The Customer shall at its own expense, arrange collection of products from L & W International at its premises. Alternatively, L & W International in its sole and absolute discretion may arrange physical delivery of products to the Customer at the Customer's business address, such delivery being at the cost of the Customer. The Customer shall be deemed to assume and shall be liable for loss or damage to products from the time they are placed on to the vehicle to transport them from L & W International's premises unless the Customer has insured the item when buying from L & W International.

Customers are responsible to have someone at the delivery address to sign for and accept the delivery. Cost for re-delivery attempts will be passed to the customers if the delivery address is unattended at the time of delivery.

3. Delivery Time

Any date Quoted for delivery is an estimate only, and unless a guarantee shall have been given by L & W International in writing providing for liquidated damages for failure to deliver by the Quoted date, L & W International shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage howsoever arising for failure to deliver on or before the Quoted date. The Customer shall accept and pay for Products, not withstanding any failure by L & W International to deliver by the Quoted date. Retail Display Direct is not responsible for any delays in delivering due to delay by courier service.


Dates given for delivery are stated in good faith but are not to be treated as a condition of the sale. No claim shall be made by the Buyer on account of late delivery however caused. Late delivery shall not constitute a breach of this contract by the Seller, and the Buyer shall not be entitled to cancel the contract because of late delivery.


Goods specially ordered in, must be fully paid for prior to delivery & cannot be returned or exchanged without express approval from L & W International in writing.

4. Return / Refund / Cancellation

There will be no credit given on order price difference, due to price drops. Please select carefully at the time when you place your order. Product returned for credit/refund is not possible without proper reasons on our store. We may offer a credit on some special circumstances.

Any incorrect, missing or damaged items received must be reported to L & W International within 24 hours of you receiving the delivery. This can only be done by E-mail, Fax or Phone.

L & W International owns the title of any extra goods shipped with your order that have been dispatched in error.

If requested by L & W International, the Customer may be required to provide information in that L & W International can easily assist the Customer with any monetary refund or cancellation. This information may include member's names, address, home phone, work phone, credit card details and other relevant information required by L & W International. Failure to provide sufficient information may delay the refund or cancellation, L & W International is not to be held responsible for any delays according to clause provided by L & W International. Any attempt to cancel an order must be made as soon as possible. Cancellations attempted after the dispatching will result in the customer having to pay the shipping and handling charges on the package and the cost of shipping the package back.

Cancellations may be communicated by telephone and email only.

Cancellation for specially ordered items will also attract a 25% cancellation fee. This is to cover the return to stock fee implied by our suppliers and shipping cost. Freight charge are not refundable under any circumstance.

All custom sign printing products and services cannot be refund.

5. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment for products supplied shall be made in full by the Customer to L & W International without deduction or demand, within the approved term as advised by L & W International, or in the absence of a term approved by L & W International, within (7) days from the order date.

Payment for products ordered through L & W International online store can be made by credit card and PayPal only. Payment for other orders through phone, fax or email can be made by credit card, direct deposit or by company cheque.

6. Liability

a) L & W International shall not be liable to the Customer, or to any other person whomsoever, for any loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or directly in connection with the Products, other than expressly imposed by statute in terms of which it is not possible to limit or exclude liability.

b) L & W International expressly excludes liability for consequential loss or damage including but not limited to loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings.

7. Retention of Title

The title to the Products will pass to the Customer when payment in full for the Products has been received by L & W International. Until the Customer has paid to L & W International the full purchase price:

Customer shall hold the Products as bailee for L & W International.

1. the Products shall be stored at the Customer's risk, and in such manner that they are readily distinguishable from other products owned by the Customer or other persons.

2. the Customer shall indemnify L & W International against any claim, action, proceeding, damage, loss, costs, expense or liability whatsoever, arising out of the possession, use or disposal of the Products by L & W International, or repossession or attempted repossession by L & W International.

3. any sale of the Products shall be effected as bailee for L & W International, and the proceeds of such sale shall be held on trust for L & W International. The proceeds of such sales must be held in a separate account or otherwise clearly identified in the books and records of the Customer.

4. the Customer shall permit L & W International to inspect the Products, and the records and books of the Customer to the extent that they relate to the Products.

5. reserve right of entry to inspect or recover goods owned by L & W International, wherever they are located.

8. Obligation of the Customer

As member of L & W International, the Customer must provide current, complete, and accurate information about the Customer at all times.

The Customer is entirely responsible for their account which includes confidentiality, any and all activities through using the Customer's account, L & W International will not be held responsible in any manner.

On the first purchase the Customer places with L & W International, the Customer might be required to provide additional identification to L & W International to help eliminate Internet credit card fraud and to provide additional security.

L & W International reserves the right to terminate a Customer's account if it is found to contain false, incomplete, inaccurate information. If any security concerns or breaches arises from the Customer, they shall report it to L & W International immediately.

L & W International does not stored any credit card details for any Customers. The Customer will ensure that credit card details are their sole responsibility to safe guard.