Government Orders


Government & Education Orders

Retail Display Direct has been supplying quality office, signage and safety equipments to Government, Schools, Hospitals for over 16 years. We understands that some department require procedure purchasing with purchase orders and payment terms. Therefore we have a 30days preapproved credit account for all government department orders. All you need to do is email your purchase order to us and we will take care of the rest.

Schools and Governement Department Purchasing

Ordering by Purchasing order

Please email your purchase order to and we will email back sales order to you to confirm the order. Upon your approval, we will have your order fulfilled and dispatch out. 

Payment Terms

We approved all Government and School orders without any credit application forms.

All orders has a 30 Day Credit. 

Bulk Deals

If you looking for a bulk purchase, please don't hesitate to email for a discounted deal.