Outdoor Bow Banner Flag Double Sided

$317.00 Inclusive GST
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$317.00 Inclusive GST
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$317.00 Inclusive GST

Bow Banner Flag - 2.5m up to 5.5m high

  • Includes Print, Poles and Carry Bag
  • Double-sided image print
  • Choice of base (sold separately)
  • 1yr Warranty (on hardware only)

The shape of the Bow Banner flag is eye-catching and demands attention. Perfect for displaying company logos to brand an event or shop front. Single-sided Bow Banner flag are printed on our Pongee material on one side only however the ink shows through on the other side as a mirrored image (reverse image) at approx 85-95% bleed through.

All bases are engineered specifically to be free rotating to not rip up in the wind and to allow the flag to move with the breeze.

Available in a range of sizes the 2.5m high are ideal for indoor or outdoor display, however for greater impact bigger is better for outdoor displays! Most commonly seen at car yard sales, local market stalls and sporting events these flags are the perfect way to get your brand noticed. 

*Please send artwork to sales@retaildisplaydirect.com.au quoting your order number after your purchase.

Base Application Guide


Suggest Application 

Cross Feet and Water Bag



Most hard ground situations; water bag will provide extra weight.

Car Base

Fits around or under a tyre; Ideal for car yards, motor shows or markets

Circle Foot

Flat hard ground surfaces; Heavy sturdy base option.

Ground Peg


Soft Ground, such as grass, soil and sand etc.


Wall Mount 0 Degree

Mounted on the wall

Wall Mount 45 Degree

Mounted on the wall

Are our Flags UV and Water Resistant?


When does the colour start to fade?

It depends on the weather conditions, approx 6 months to 2 years.

Can a wind flag be washed?

The fabric can be gently washed in a washing machine in cold water.

Is there any special care requests for the hardware?

When we set up the wind flag, please insert the top tip of the pole all the way towards the end of the sleeve. Please do not soak the base under water for any prolonged time.

Wind flags are not recommended to be places in extreme windy conditions e.g Gail force winds